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App breaks pinch to zoom on Chrome

The app breaks the pinch to zoom on Chrome.


  • Give me context.
  • In Chrome you can pinch in to zoom.  However, after this app installs, you can no longer pinch to zoom.
  • On any website? ... I don't think this is related to my extension.
  • Any website.  Well if I disable the extension, the feature starts working again.  So I think it is related.
  • My extension only has access to the Gmail website. If you try the pinch on Yahoo does the issue still occur?
  • I tried it on the Google website but it seems to affect all websites as well.  Disabling the gmail app restores the pinch to zoom feature.
  • Just confirming is this my Gmail extension? Did you try the Yahoo site?
  • I believe so. I'll try it but I think it's all websites 
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