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Bug Report for Resizing Popup window

I know one of the recent changes has to do with resizing popup windows that appear when a "desktop notification" is clicked. This causes a bug...

In the settings page.
Notification Tab > Rich Notification
 - Clicking anywhere on notification: set to "Open In popup"
 - I clicked "Test it out" (with an email marked as unread), a popup notification shows up as expected
 - Clicking on the notification itself, a new window pops up, with the email showing, as expected
 - When I go to resize the popup window containing the actual email, the email disappears, and returns me to my list of mailboxes.
 - previously, this will resize the outer window, but the message "frame" remains unchanged
Expected behavior
 - Shouldn't the message remain, while the message "frame" resize to fill up the popup window? 


  • I didn't think anyone would catch that bug :) ... because of the steps required to reproduce it
  • hahaha, but... that's the only way I use your plugin!

    See, I have a mac pro + 27 inch monitor. It makes the fonts super tiny. So I have the default font size in chrome set to +125%. The result was that when ever I'm viewing the email in the popup window, the right side always gets chopped off a bit. 

    If you can't fix the resize problem, can you give an option to set the popup window size?
     - Something like General > Compose and reply button > open in popup window > set position and size
     - Add that set position and size option to Clicking anywhere on notification: "open in popup" 

    I would rather see that option first, over fixing the resizing issue, because right now, I have to resize every single time. If I could set a default size, it'd be perfect.
  • edited March 2014
    Excellent idea, in version 16.5 it will follow the rules setup for "Set position and size of popup window"
    and i will also fix the resize issue.
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