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Problem adding today's entire day event

Dear Jason, 

Is the message I am seeing in the following animation a bug?




  • interesting so the word today is implied if you just enter an event name like "entire day" or even "bowling" try it out, but i'll to fix that issue when adding the word "today"
  • Hi Jason, 

    So, basically what I envision is the following:

    1. Click the red plus
    2. Type in "bowling"
    3. Press Return
    4. The event should automatically be added as all-day event for today without asking me with any confirmation dialog

    Does that make sense?
  • correct and my tests are successful with those steps, is that test working for you?
  • No, I still get this prompt:

  • edited November 2016
    what language is your Google Calendar, is it possibly non-english?
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