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I can't believe more people haven't requested this!

Hi Jason -

Great work on the apps by the way - I just donated to your Checker Google Calender - and I find that every time I create an event, I have to modify the reminders to a set of parameters that I use every time - for example, the default is e-mail and pop ups - 10 minutes. Every time I create an event, I have to change it to 30 minute reminders, add a 30 minute reminder sms popup, and one day advance notice on e-mail, popup and sms.

How difficult would it be to create optional default settings?




  • I presume that "occasionally" you create events in which you would want different advance notice reminder times than the default?
  • No - every time I require a certain set of reminders - at least a day before - then an hour before - I never know where I'm going to be, so that's why a text may be preferable to an e-mail popup.

    Every time I schedule an event, I have to make those adjustments, and it's just one of those things that could be automated - I'm surprised it's not more of a request

  • Let me rephrase that - every time I create an event, I set a reminder for a day in advance - and another in the morning if possible - and another an hour before - But in any event, it would be great to have at least 1 default reminder a day ahead of time (preferably text or  e-mail).

  • I guess the older you get, the more reminders you need - just wait till you get old '-)

    the three rules for getting old:

    1.  Never pass up the opportunity to go to the bathroom
    2.  Never waste an erection
    3.  Never trust a fart
  • I think i understand, until you used the word "automated" ?
    Do you mean "configurable" by you, because automated would mean my app would decide for you which advance times :)

    I will star this thread and see if it gets more attention and if so I will then start thinking of way to integrate this into the popup window
  • I didn't even read the first part of your message before I replied - sorry - now  I found it!  Thanks
  • I didn't realize the calendar had settings - I just reset the default to my preferences - that will work -

  • Alrighty, glad I could help :)
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