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Using calendars from multiple accounts?

Hi Jason, 

I read your FAQ article. Thanks!

Why cannot we access multiple Google Calendars, similar to what is possible with multiple Google Mail accounts?


  • It would clutter the interface and complicate the code for the few users who manage separate accounts and who refuse to share calendars. Imagine every reminder would have to indicate which calendar and which account it comes from and the popup would have to load one of many accounts. I believe the power of Google Calendar is the ability to overlay several calendars from a single account with ease.
  • Good point!

    However, my shared calendars only show "Busy"...

  • If you control those shared calendars you can change that to show more details.
  • Thanks, Jason!

    I believe that solved all my questions.

    Unfortunately the others are not willing to share more information. 

    Of course, it would be great to install two versions of the extension to have two icons for two separate calendars. :-)
  • edited November 2016
    Actually that is the current and ideal alternative solution - you should have separate Chrome user profiles each with their own Gmail, Calendar and Drive extensions and problem solved :)
  • Hmm, maybe I will actually do that. Thanks for the hint! :-)
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