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Not able to scroll in agenda mode

I notice today i couldnt scroll when im in agenda modus. When i switch to a different mode and switch back i can scroll. But when i close the popup and go back the scroll isnt working again.

Ive got a couple tabs open at this moment which i cant close so i cant check weather a chrome restart fixes this. Opening a new window doesnt help.


  • also what does the calender icon do, cause when i press it nothing happens. 
  • Definitely a re-install and then send me a screenshot so I can better investigate.
  • Well tried installing and non the scrolling doesnt even work when i switch to different view and go back to agenda view.

    I cant check the calender icon now as its not scrolling. Its for going to current day, so cant really check that.

    Here's a sceen grab of me trying to get Agenda mode to scroll


  • Do you  have more events after November 7th?
  • Well first thing i needed to do today was again reinstall it, while i just did this yesterday. Today it would load, so did a re-install. I can now scroll again and the icon to go to current day also works.

    Ill keep my eye on it working properly. But i dont think you can find a solution now.
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