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Time to upcoming events does not show in CheckerPlus Icon

I am using Checker Plus for Gmail Calendar extension in Chrome (Windows 7) and it somehow stopped diplaying time to next event in the bottom-right part of icon (see the first screenshot, if I go here with my mouse, it says "Loading...).
When I click the icon, it displays the Calendar correctly with all the events in it so It must be some problem in CheckerPlus.

Other Screenshots display my settings (there may be a problem but I cannot find what is wrong.
Can you help, please? Thanks.


  • Try re-installing the extension.
  • Thanks, it helped. 
  • Hmmm, it took about 2 days and the problem appears again. And again. In two modifications:
    - icon displays events from one of my calendars only
    - icon displays absolutely no event

    After removing the plugin from Chrome and installing it again, I need to set all the settings again and it always works well for a very limited time.

    Any suggestion how to make the plugin work correctly forever? :)

  • The next time you encounter the issue can you send me the error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • edited October 2016
    I have the exactly same problem! Just a Loading... message instead of the time. This bug appeared about 2 weeks ago on my machine
  • @AndrewBogdanov Please re-install and next time it happens send me the error logs as mentioned above.
  • Here is the log. Just now the extension displays only the events from "Východ a západ slunce pro Brno" calendar (that means daily sunrise and sunset times).
  • Thank you, yours logs are showing network connection issues, do you have other extensions that might be interfering, what are they? how's your internet connection these days?
  • You may be right but I am on 20Mbit/5Mbit internet line. And my internet seems to work OK, I use it for my daily job with no problems. Does the plugin need something special?
    And if there is a problem with the internet, why the plugin always starts working OK after reinstall (for a while)?
  • It could be coincidence, the errors are definitely pointing to network issues and no other code problems. Try using your computer from another internet connection next time you have issue (if it's a laptop that would be easier :)
  • It also started working for me after reinstall. Double coincidence? I don't think so. 
  • @AndrewBogdanov Please send me your logs Andrew and I will investigate on per user basis.
  • As I noted earlier it's gone after reinstall. I will send you logs once I re-encounter the issue next time
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