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How to reset notification count?

For some reason my notification count in the Gmail checker is out of date. It currently shows me 3 unread mails when I have none. As soon as a new mail arrives it increments to 4 and after reading that it decrements again.

Is there any way to force gmail checker to do a synchronisation? The mails that are supposedly unread are actually marked as read in my inbox but for some reason the gmail checker disagrees. Could this be caused by having multiple computers running gmail checker?


  • Which detecting method are you using? Try switching to the other one, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
  • I have it set to "Add Accounts and stay signed in" and switching indeed does solves the issue. That's actually what I did the last few times as well (it's happened to me twice before). But I am still wondering if there's a better fix for this.

    Additionally, clicking the "load options" button solves the problem as well it seems. It's just strange that even when manually pressing the refresh button nothing happens.
  • The sporadic nature of this bug makes it difficult to reproduce and thus fix, but i'm taking notes (such as the load options solution) to narrow where the issue may lie, thanks. Were you using the refresh button in the options > accounts or in the popup window?
  • Very true, initially I just assumed it to be a glitch and didn't think anything of it. But it's happened enough now to think it's a rare bug somewhere.

    As for refreshing, I've tried both in the popup and in the accounts window. Neither seems to have any effect on this.

    It seems to be isolated to my macbook though so perhaps it's a chrome bug when coming out of standby. I've seen similar issues with Trillian (chat client) when coming out of standby.
  • It just happened again. For some reason a mail from the 6th of october is now seen as unread and I'm certain it's been read since the 6th of october already. My unread mail rarely survives beyond a day.

    Is there anything I can do to help debug the issue?
  • Hmm that is strange, was the 6th of oct. email "reawakened" because of a recent conversation added to it?
    Do you have other devices using your Gmail?
    Do you use POP mail?
  • No, that mail has been dormant ever since. It was an order confirmation so no replies were sent to the email string either.

    Other devices: only the gmail app on my android phone. Besides that it's through chrome instances on 2 computers both with the gmail checker extension.
    Pop mail: No, gmail only. But I do have a few google apps domains which forward to my main mail address.

  • Do you mark emails as unread often?
  • edited October 2016
    No, never as unread.

    I do mark a lot of mails as read. Might that be the issue? I regularly do it through the notification as well as through the checker plus extension directly.
  • Is it possible you have been completely relying on my extension and never noticed this Oct 6th email as being left unread? do you visit your gmail inbox often?
  • Yes, a lot. And I've checked again before I replied here again. The extension still shows the message as unread while gmail shows it as read.

    I've attached a screenshot to demonstrate

  • Do you use the popup window often?
    Did you just notice this 6th of oct email?
  • Yes, I definitely use it quite a lot and this mail wasn't there before which makes things stranger. 

    If it was, I would have noticed sooner.

    Is there anything such as the local storage which I can look at or send to you to help debug? 
  • edited October 2016
    I've pretty much ran all my theoretical tests on what could make an email randomly go unread, but the only logical way is a user would have to manually perform an unread action. Or the issue is external and something has marked or trigger that email to be unread - do you have any Gmail filters?
    Can you remain on the add accounts method (vs the auto-detect one) and see if the issue returns or not.
  • Except for an accidental click on the unread button I've definitely not marked this message as read so that's unlikely but not impossible. The strange thing is that it's only unread within the notifier on my laptop, not the notifier on my desktop or gmail itself.

    I do have several filters but none of them apply to this mail.

    I will keep an eye on the issue. I've had the checker set to the add accounts method for a long time so that's no problem.
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