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Feature Request

Jason, is there anyway that you can add "Resize Image"  to Explain and Send Screenshots?  I know that one way to resize a screenshot is send it to Pixlr, but that takes too many steps. I would appreciate it, if you could add this feature. 


  • edited September 2016
    Is there a particular reason why you want to resize? Is it it generally to make it smaller? for file size reasons? I'd rather offer a possibly generic solution for all if possible - since i'm not trying to recreate a full blown photoshop.
  • Yes, to make it smaller and also to keep the size-ratio intact. I participate in a private messageboard that allows images to be inserted in a post, however the max width has to be 500 pixels wide. If I an insert image that is 700w x 900h, it would end up being 500w x 900h after I submit the post. I know Nimbus, has this feature for their Chrome Extension, but it takes to many steps to finally get the image url, I need. That's what I love your extensions, they are simple, easy, and takes the fewest steps to get that image url. So I was just wondering, if you could someday add that feature? It's not really a big deal,  but ya know....if you could, that would be great. Thanks.
  • Good news, I've added zoom in/out buttons.
  • Thanks Jason. I've used it and it's great! The zoom in/out feature is even better and smarter, because it saves a lot of "clicks." Rather than ever having to use the keyboard, I can do everything with only the mouse! INGENIOUS!!! Thanks Again.
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