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I don't want the toolbar icon to change colour when I get new mail

I'm one of those rare people who doesn't want to be notified at all when new mail arrives. This isn't possible with your Chrome extension as its toolbar icon changes colour.

The way it is, there's a constant temptation to look up at the icon to see if I have new mail. I want to prevent this ongoing distraction by stopping the icon from changing colour.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I can attempt to re-explain using different language. If you do know what I mean, how soon can you implement this suggestion?


  • There are a couple of current options you can use...
    1) Change the button icon set to something maybe less "red"
    2) You can remove the icon animation in    
    3) You can complete hide that button by right clicking and choosing "Hide button"
    4) I will possibly propose in the future the ability for users to choose their own icons (so you could keep all 3 states in gray for example)
  • The first two options don't solve the problem, and the third would render your extension practically useless.  Instead of the fourth option, wouldn't it be easier just to include a "Use variable colour" checkbox at the top of the "Icon" group-box in the "Display" tab?  If said checkbox is unticked, the seven theme radio-buttons that follow would be disabled (un-selectable) and the toolbar icon would stay grey.
  • I've starred your suggestion and will look into in my next series of updates
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