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Unable to open extension

Hi there,
Initially this morning Checker plus for Gmail was working fine. Then it stopped opening, usually when this happens I simply re-install and it works perfectly fine. But not this morning, I've tried to re-install several times but, even though the extension is there, it's grayed out and not able to open it up at all.
I tried all your suggestions before contacting you BTW.


  • Have you tried restarting the browser?
    Are your other extensions working?
    What normally happens when you click the button, does it open the Gmail website or the popup ... because that is configurable.
  • I restarted the browser. All the other extensions are working. And when I click on it, nothing really happens.
    I restarted the browser but I didn't think about rebooting my computer. I'm going to try that now.
  • Can you send me the general logs (2nd part) https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs
  • Restarting my computer worked. It's working fine now. I have to remember to do that too before contacting you if it happens again
    Thank you!!!
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