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way for auto-DND (Gmail) while during Calendar event?

Would be awesome to have an option for Gmail Checker to automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode while a Calendar event is happening.   For example, this would let me suppress the notifications while in work meetings (often screen sharing), without having to manually click into DND mode each time.  

Thanks Jason  --  absolutely love the Checkers and have donated previously. 


  • That's a good suggestion, i'll take note of it.
  • edited about three years ago
    Yes, I'd like it to work similar to the way it works in an Android app:  If the calendar notification contains the word "dnd" (no quotes, case insensitive) then Checker Plus for Gmail will not make any sounds, e.g., for a default of 1 hr (which could be user controlled).

    The concept is that, for example, during a Hangouts appt/call, Gmail will be quiet and not interrupt the call.

    It seems that already DND can be synced among your apps?

  • Good news i've added this option in the latest Gmail update, check out the extension options

  • just following up with some feedback: I have been testing and it is working great!  really cool update; thanks Jason! 
  • I have the Google Calendar Extension and sign in to same account but my gmail extension doesn't go in do not disturb mode. Am I missing things?

  • @Akash Magnadia Did you enable the Gmail extension option > DND > DND during calendar event (as shown in image above)

  • @Akash Magnadia

    Ok I found the issue thanks for the details, it will be fixed in 26.0.1 which will be pushed out soon, alternatively right now there is workaround - you can enable the calendar option > General tab > "Sync the DND setting to all Checker Plus extensions"

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