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Can Checker Plus view show read email?

It seems only showing unread email.

If can add an option to show read email that will be perfect.


  • Is that setting supposed to be sticky or do I have to set it each time I click?
  • @RamMoskovitz It sticks until you revert it back.
  • @Jason I am not having that experience :) . It is sticky until I click e.g. an account on the left side. 

  • Oh interesting i haven't tested that scenario, i guess you can confirm that by not clicking an account on the left side. Ill investigate on my end.
  • ok this will be fixed with the next update.
  • It'd be great if the normal checker plus could show unreads too. I get that it'd be clunky potentially for multiple accounts, but if it could be opt-in for people like me that keep a clean inbox but also visit an email a couple times before archiving it that would be awesome. The checker plus interface is much nicer than the tablet interface.
  • Agree, would love to be updated if you incorporate this feature in to Checker Plus! I'm not familiar with Inbox for Gmail and am not really looking to mess with an automated system like that for my work emails - however the ability to quick toggle back to "read" emails in the regular Checker Plus window would be wonderful. Thanks!
  • Reopening this thread: there should really be an option to show Read emails in Checker Plus pop-up view!

  • @Faelin Landy I would refer you to the Inbox view which can do that https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window

    because I'm not looking to recreate the full Gmail inbox management, just a way to quickly deal with incoming emails from multiple accounts.

  • Okay, that definitely makes sense.

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