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Gmail notifications privacy

edited February 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
There seems to be no way to hide subject/body/sender. You can do so only in the ANTP widget. MightyText app also does this for text messages using the same Chrome notifications system. Would be extremely useful for privacy reasons, such as sharing a screen but still want to be notified of new emails.


  • Noted and starred by me ... and thanks for using the suggestion forum instead of the review wall ;) fyi developers cannot reply to the review wall which is annoying for us.
  • edited February 2014
    Just of out curiosity what would like to hide? Just the body of the email and leave the sender and subjec there?
    or would you hide all that?
    and just show a "1 new email" message etc.
    should I even not display the contact's photo if you decide to hide the sender's name etc.
    ... my contemplations before i start developing :)
  • well ideally all of those would be options for complete customization abilities, perhaps in forms of check boxes :)
    but i think at a minimum it would be great if there was a total privacy option - no body, no subject, no sender, no pictures, only "new email". that alone would be extremely useful.
  • sweet, thank you! that was quick. i should donate or something ;)
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