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Notification time discrepancy

I have a recurring event for which I set a 10-hour notification via Google Calendar. After I save this and then open and refresh Checker Plus for Google Calendar, and then select the edit icon, the notification entry shows 1 hour. I can attest that the notification pop-up occurs at 10 hours.

At first, I thought the notification entries between Google Calendar and Checker might be different, so I deleted the 10-hour notification via browser, and when I refreshed Checker, the notification was gone as well.

I repeated this after a reboot with the same result. My 10-hour notification (recurring event) appears as 1 hour in Checker but actually triggers at 10 hours. 

FWIW, my default notification in Checker Options is 1 hour.

Seems like a bug, or the edit notification in Checker doesn't update the entry set through the Google web calendar.


  • edited August 2016
    So my first assumption is that this is probably recurring event related, because you can modify one (or many events) from a recurring event series and give them each a different notification before time. Can you repeat the issue with non-recurring event? oh and do make sure to use the refresh button in my extension each time.
  • OK... Here is the issue... recurring OR non-recurring...

    On Checker my default notification is 1 hour
    On Google, I can set individual defaults for each calendar... In this case, my default was 10 hours.

    When I create a new event and set the notification through Google for any other value than its default ( say 8, 9, 11...) that same value appears in Checker. However if in Google I use the default notification (10 in this case), Checker displays its default (1 in this case) rather than the actual value. As I indicated, Checker does though use the 10-hour notification for alarm notifications.

    Out of curiosity, I changed my Google default notification value to 8 hours, and as expected Checker showed 1 hour in the edit setting when I entered an 8-hour notification through Google. I used a secondary Google calendar in these tests.
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