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Extra Features Alert

I keep getting the green extra features alert, but when I click through, it acknowledges "Already Contributed".

No biggie, but I'm always wondering if there's an upgrade/etc. to be had.

Does this alert ever reset, or is there a setting I've overlooked?


  • Try re-installing the extension and let me know if this happens again? it should disappear forever after acknowledging your contribution - unless you are reseting some extension data that is reseting the contribution etc.
  • Maybe I never clicked through to reset it. I just noticed if I click "Already Contributed" the alert goes away. I'll keep an eye out to see if it returns. I occasionally use CCleaner for temp file removal if that could be a factor. I also run with javascript off (unless white-listed). Thanks for your reply.
  • Yup - those are exactly the type of extensions which can meddle with another extension's data and cause the reseting issue you are seeing.
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