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Constant re-validation a big turn-off

I love this extension and contributed, but I use and churn a lot of computers and the constant re-validation is big turn-off.

E.g. I login onto a new Chromebook, all my Chrome extensions install automatically - great, ready to work. Then when I go to to use ESS I find I have a watermark on my image and can't use the capture. So then I go to the 'already contributed' thing, then I go find my original Paypal order email for the order number, paste that in. And then its 'You'll be unlocked sometime later today' Gah, I'm trying to work _now_ :-(  So then I go install my next favorite capture extension, and it just works.

Couldn't ESS store some key in my Google account so I don't have to keep re-validating? Or could you issue signed license keys that don't need manual validation all the time?

Is the current system actually preventing piracy? Won't pirates just hack out the watermark or contribution check and redistribute that version on some warez site? Shouldn't contributors get a better experience than pirates?


  • I have take note of this issue and will look into the solution you proposed. Obviously this use case of re-installing my extension is not a common situation for most of my users and that's why I haven't explored this further before.
  • Good news as of v8.4 (re-install the extension to force it or wait for the auto-update) and if you perform the already contributed once again (sorry) then it should not ask you ever again as it will sync the contribution with your Chrome sign in for future installs.
  • I'm having the same issue and I've requested to be validated again several times the past couple of days and still no luck. Version 8.4 for me has not fixed this issue.
  • Yeah, that didn't work so I'm just going to uninstall the app and you someone else's app. Thanks.
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