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Unable to copy and paste

Hi Jason,

I just installed your app earlier this week.. cool.. unfortunately, I haven't been able to copy the file to clipboard... copy (menu or control c), then paste (control v) into Outlook, Gmail or Word doc. I'm using Chrome.. tried clearing my cache, closing and opening Chrome.. no luck.. turned computer off and on (hard boot)... still no luck.. any suggestions?



  • hmm interesting suggestion because I do support the copy/paste but only via the right mouse click on the image, but it's a great idea to support the shortcut keys also.
  • hmm... interesting... your popup screen says paste (Ctrl V).. isn't this a shortcut key?
    I can copy and save to desktop, but can't copy to clipboard.. Ctrl V or Paste from drop down in Outlook or Gmail or Word.. paste on drop down is grayed out...

    So, please tell me how to paste other than drop down (right mouse click or Ctrl V) into social media or document... am I missing something?

    I'm able to do this with Greenshots but thought your editing functionality was cool.

    Please advise,

    Michele - contributor 
  • You're right about the Ctrl+V shortcut but you cannot use the Ctrl+C shortcut in my editing tool - you must as the instructions say Right click the image and choose Copy image.
  • So.. once I copy the image, how would I save it to my outlook, word, or social media text body? Paste is not available from drop down.. Ctrl V doesn't work.. only way I can save now is to save to file on desktop, then attachment to doc.. am I missing something? Doesn't save to clipboard and paste in body work? What's the point to copy if I can't paste? 
  • I have successfully copy image and pasted it into my Gmail compose email, Microsoft Paint and Facebook. Can you let me know which of them works for you and which don't.
  • I can't copy the image and paste it into MS Word :-( 
    I can only paste into Google docs. Is this via a separate Web-only clipboard? 
  • @GaryMiller That's strange are you able to paste into MS Paint (because I can and it's not webbased)
  • Stopped using.. paid user.. doesn't work properly! See comments above. 
  • Wow. It DOES work in Paint! How strange.

  • @GaryMiller Maybe try MS Word Online / Office Live (essentially Googe Docs equivalent for Microsoft)

  • Thanks, I will try that tomorrow. I'm wondering if it is something to do with other extensions I've installed. I will try disabling them one at a time...
  • It's not the extensions. I have managed to drag 'n' drop an image into Google Docs, so that'll do. It still won't work with desktop Word 2010, but the Clipboard has always been a bit finicky.
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