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setting for visual effect of preview

Hi, thank you for the great extension.

Could you make an option to disable fade in visual effect for email preview?

I sometime use RDP to connect to my desktop from outside. In that case, it takes more than 5 seconds to complete showing the preview.
I also always disable all animations and visual effects of windows. I think some people like me prefer non animation desktop environment.

Thank you.



  • Try removing this option under the Display tab...
  • Hi Jason,

    I tried it. But I don't think it's working on my windows.

    I tried with two windows machine and it didn't work. But the setting on my Ubuntu seems working.

    I restarted Chrome just in case.

    What do you think is the problem?


  • Is it possible your talking about the popup window that fades? which might actually be common to all extension popup windows. And yes i think i noticed this too and this was Chrome that recently added this in their latest version.
  • image
    The popup I am taking about is the one attached.
    As you said, this seems chrome feature. I realized that all extensions work in similar fashion.

    I looked for chrome://flags/ to find an option to disable it, but i couldn't find appropriate one.

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