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computer screen blinking

edited August 2016 in Checker Plus for Gmail
i ve updated to the latest windows 10 release the other day, i have an asus x553 computer, now everytime a new mail arrives, its like my computer goes through an earthquake: the screen turns off for 3 seconds, then comes back up to life like nothing happened....bugging me after some time. It doesnt happen with any other extension. What s the problem?? thanks.


  • My extension might be too powerful for your computer, try disabling all the options, like notifications, sounds, and voices.
  • it was working fine on the same computer with windows 10 from the factory before the latest windows 10 update. I ve been using the extension on weaker computers with no problem. I have to disable the ext. altogether.
  • I'm currently not getting any other complains on this subject so let's wait and see if it's an isolated case.
  •  i ve never had "voice ON" in your extension, only sound and rich notif.
    I disabled sound but the problem persists.
    I will try disabling "rich notif." and leaving "text notif" only, to see what happens...
  • CONFIRMED, the problem is "rich notif", not the voice or sound. When i choose "text notif" i have that notif, with sound, no problem.
    Do you have any solution? thanks.
  • I think you found it :) use the text notification.
  • sorry, "text notif" also bugs my computer...grrrr
  • i guess i ve discovered the problem now, for some reason ASUS LIVE UPDATE prompt appears right in the middle of the screen flickering...so i disabled it and so far so good...do you know any fix related to that?
  • finally i got the problem isolated (it wasnt asus live update), but something about the new windows 10 update fuked up my computer, so i used ccleaner and then everything fine.
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