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Option to choose font?

Jason, your changelog shows that you added a 'nicer' text font in June, but 'some people' aren't crazy about it. 'Some people' think it looks old-school. Any chance of either changing it to a san-serif font or giving us a choice?


  • As long as I'm kvetching, I might as well get all my complaints out at once. What is the use of a text background that behaves like this?

  • I'll take note of it and maybe display multiple choices, but it's difficult across OS's etc.
  • Send me screenshots examples of what looks better? Note that I use semi-transparent background option so it looks much smoother.
  • edited August 2016
    What looks better is a rectangle that wide enough to accommodate the longest line, and about 5px of padding on all four sides. Note how the longest line determines the box width.

    Oh, you were asking about the font, perhaps? Okay, the font in the screenshot is fine. It's Helvetica.

    Arial would be fine, too.

  • edited August 2016
  • Done in v8.4 (re-install to force it)
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