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Reminders for all-day events broken?

I've had a few all-day events not remind me in the last couple of weeks, most recently this weekend. Have not changed any settings for months. I run the extension on two PCs, and it's reliable on one, but not on the other.

Have restarted chrome and the problem persists. Am reluctant to uninstall/reinstall the app because I will lose all my snoozed reminders.

Any known bugs in this area?


  • There are no known issues.
    My assumption is that generally this is due to a combination of options you have set on one machine vs the other.
    There are many rules that determine if popups should occur or not, try comparing the options on both machines if possible.
    note: you can take a snapshot (for your memory) of your current snoozed events by clicking the "zzz" in the top popup window if you want to try the reinstall.
  • Thanks for the feedback Jason. I seem to have got it working again, a big backlog of past all-day events has popped into view.

    The only major difference between the two machines, and the only thing i changed, was to untick "Only show notifications for events with a 'pop-up' reminder". Now, all of these events have pop-up reminders, it's the default for my calendars - any chance a bug has crept into this area in the last few weeks? If not, it works for me again now anyway, just wanted to highlight it as a possible problem area.

    Thanks for a great extension!!!
  • I did recently push a fix today for an issue with the "run in background" and notifications not occuring while your browser is closed etc, maybe this was the problem?
  • That could possibly be it, certainly some of the notifications occurred over the weekend when this PC was switched off. Maybe the all-day events fired at midnight, again when it was shutdown - and it could be that rather than unticking "only popups" fixing it, your pushed update might have done
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