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Add event with short day name

Im getting a error when i add a event like this: "Diner monday 2pm". I get split second popup warning which i hardly can read cause it pops up and goes in like a 10th of a second. I can add the event by adding the specific date like 1 aug.

How can we add events by name of a day?


  • Yeah I believe this is Google Calendar issue with the quick add API which happens when the current day is Sunday and you want to add an event for Monday coming but issue is that it thinks you want to add it to Monday passed of the past week. But can you send me a screenshot of the error? is it in red?
  • Indeed it put the appointments at the beginning of the week like you said. I saw that later, i use list view so i didnt noticed that and thought they where not set in the calender.

    I cant make a screen shot cause the popup is there for like 1th of a second, it shows very briefly and goes away
  • Okay i just used a screengrab app to see if it would catch the popup. Here's a link to the image i got.
  • I will fix that popup issue - happens only Mac I noticed - but it's supposed to stay and say "You added an event in the past, would you like to save it in the future instead?"
  • I believe if you press okay it will put it in the day after the current day. Isnt it possbile to "simply" add the event for the next week. Most be possible using some variables i guess. Something like add event (currentWeek + 1)???
  • I was thinking the same thing last night, that's exactly what I'll try doing :)
    I hoped Google would have fixed the issue by now, but looks like i'll have to patch it up.
  • edited August 2016
    Good news i've developed a fix in v20.0.10 coming to a Chrome browser near you ;)
  • Great, when can we test it?
  • Remind me in a week if I haven't pushed it by then.
  • Hi Jason,

    i reminded myself to check with the error i psot about the past day. Isee you got something working. The thing is its not totally readable, needs a bit css tuning i guess.

    See screengrab.

    PS it worked when i simply pressed enter though.
  • oh good bug, the issue happens only in that narrow agenda view, but i'll fix that, and I also realized I forgot to add a Cancel button.
  • Hi Jason, i still see that text is to big for the window when using "agenda" mode.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wb47ij2e4x8p2dc/warning window.png?raw=1

    Perhaps you could take a look at it again?
  • Darn ok i'll look into that also, it's the less common view at least :)
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