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I've tried for some time to get the popup to reflect the 4 day view I use in gcal but with no luck.

It seems quite likely that if I just new the correct parameter to set in the iframe I could accomplish this so if anyone knows how to do this I would be most grateful.

I would be just as pleased to have a workweek only calendar so if the former 4 day window isn't possible there should be a cheap hack that obscures the two weekend days behind the webpage itself or transforms that alpha for that area to make those days transparent.

I'm sure a less ugly solution exists and can be easily discovered by someone who knows the code. I figured it was only fair before asking you to even take a look (well aware that you may not be able to get around to it especially if it more difficult than I imagine). If the other forum users can't help me I would, however, appreciate just a quick response explaining why this is difficult, or telling me that I'm an idiot.

(I believe I already contributed under my gerdes@invariant.org address which is the address I would like my contribution associated with and would prefer the extra contribution I made with my other address remain confidential).


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