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Right-click context menu doesn't stay disabled

The "Checker Plus for Google Calendar" right-click menu entry never seems to stay turned off. I keep seeing it reappear, even though the "Show context menu item on right click" option remains unchecked in the settings. I have to re-check and then re-uncheck the option before the calendar goes away, and even then it will only return later.

No error logs could be found when I went to look.


  • I found the issue, it's being reset when you return from standby. I have just fixed it in version 17.3.1 thanks for contacting me.
  • I use hibernate more often than standby, but it's probably the same underlying bug regardless.
  • yes, you're right that would affect it also.
    ps i've pushed 5% of my users to this fixed version i will push the remainder of the users in a couple of days (for testing purposes)
  • Looking forward to it, then.
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