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Option to Hide All Day or Non-All Day Events

Just downloaded your extensions and they look great, I think they'll be very helpful for me at work.  One issue that I'm immediately seeing though is with all-day events.  At my work we use a number of calendars to track everything and these include a large number of all-day events.  In any but the Agenda view this makes the calendar so cluttered as to be unreadable.  Is it possible to add an option to display only events that are not all-day events?  Ideally I would like an option to view all-day and non all-day events separately with different buttons for each view.

I also notice that the Day view is rather wide and I need to scroll up and down to see a whole day's worth of events.  This is not ideal as I'd definitely like to be able to see everything in one quick glance.  Would it be possible to have an option to split the day view vertically with the morning on the left and afternoon on the right?  That would really make this a great tool.



  • I'll take note of this as a suggestion, I could add a skin that could always hide the all-day events, would this be worth it though for you? you won't easily be able to toggle it though.
  • edited June 7

    Is it already possible to hide all day events?

    I could not find this option.


  • @sade Interesting suggestion, just curious which view are you using?

    and would you hide them in relatively permanent way, via an extension option be ok?

  • I am using the extension button in the upper right corner of Chrome.

    I am using the "List view".

    I have several appointment with all day long in my Google Agenda. I just want to hide then in your extension.

    It would be an option to "Hide all day long items".

    In the attached print, I'd like to hide all red arrows.


  • Ok I could queue this for development, thanks for the suggestion.

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