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Explain & Send Screenshots: Feature Request

LOVE your works Jason! Thanks so much. This screen capture add on rocks, just one thing that would be helpful. Perhaps an option to simply print rather than share or upload to Google Drive. If you hit print in chrome it includes the buttons and not just the captured area. 

Also, I fully support the branding you put on the free version, but the way it is now (two locations, top and bottom and in grey) it tends to either block or blend into the screen capture. Would it be possible to add it to the bottom or top of the capture without covering the content? 

Thanks for all your efforts! 

See example below. I actually had to do it a second time and capture MORE of the screen so the branding didn't cover the text. 


  • Upon contributing any amount you can completely remove the header and footer in the extensions options. As for the print part ... since i'm an environmentalist i don't support printing, sorry about that.
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