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Suggestion: hide URLs in popup window(s)

Hello again!

I'd like an option to hide URLs. Especially in the small popup in the down right screen corner, sometimes an URL is the *only* thing you see of the email content (if it's HTML-rich).


  • hmm good idea, can you suggest a replacement syntax like "Check out this video [link]" or "Check out this video [youtube.com...]
  • Hmm... since there will (probably) be a LOT of variation, the easiest solution might be to just replace *all* links with one universal placeholder, like the "[link]" one you suggested. I just checked how it would work with my mails and that would always be an improvement to how it looks now.
  • Note: I would programmatically extract just the domain of any link and replace it as such ie. http://www.blahblah.com/login.php would become [blahblah.com...]
  •  that will work just fine for me, too. :-)
  • Good news this request is being fulfilled in v19.2.14 rolling out today.
  • Awesome! :)
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