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Problem with Agenda

After the latest update (I think), the Agenda view not work properly for me. Events in my calendar (on gmail) are not displayed in Agenda. But in others views are displayed properly. And also calendar with birthdays is displayed properly in Agenda view.
Any suggestions?


  • Try re-installing the extension and can you send me a screenshot of the issue?
  • Re-install not help. Here is screenshots. Green events are birthdays, yellow holidays and blue are events in my calendar on gmail.
    Agenda view:

    Month view:
  • Actually, I have 1 event in agenda from my calendar. This event starts today. But next events are still not visible.
  • thank you for the screenshot, I found the issue and just fixed it in v20.0.5 you can force this update by re-installing in 1 hour or wait a few days for the natural update.
  • Just installed and agenda is showing current and newer items as faded and the past items as clear/bold. Should be the opposite, I am using version 20.0.15 - I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - it does not fix the problem.
  • edited September 2016
    @DavidB This is working as intended, only timed events for today that have finished will be faded. If you choose to scroll up and view past events I do not fade all of them because it would be hard to read them assuming that is the intention if you are scrolling back. Try creating an event for later today in the future and you should see that one should not be faded.
  • All the events from today through the 28 September are also faded.  That doesn't make sense as they have not passed.
  • @DavidB Can you send me a screenshot of these future events ie. the 15th and 16th
    Also just to make sure we are not introducing timezone issue and time clocks issue - has anything changed regarding that? Are you in a fixed timezone and location with this computer?
  • I am living in Switzerland if that matters, It is on my office computer. Screen shot attached
  • @DavidB Ok that's good those events are not faded from what I can see in your screenshot. Can you explain the issue? Are the background colors too light?
  • They are faded.  Look in this screen shot.  The top greens should be the same as the rest and the top reds the same as the rest. It seems to switch back to not faded after the 27th.
  • @DavidB Hmm can you confirm these two reds (for example) are both from the same calendar?
  • Yes they are - all shown are from the same calendar
  • @DavidB Can you right click on a faded future event (example the light red just above the 27th) and click Inspect, then send me a screenshot of the elements.
  • I am sending the screens of the item from the 20 Sept (in Green)
  • @DavidB Oh very interesting, I noticed you are using "event" colors for specific events, this might be the issue. I also noticed when you clicked on the 20th event the title is in red? Is it possible all the "faded" events are those of which you have set event colors?
  • I think there are 2 issues: One is that the colours in Checker Plus are not quite the same as those that appear in Google Calendar (which I'm used to).  My computer monitors are running at 4k resolution - does your program support that ?   The other issue is that in Google Calendar the TEXT for the item in the colour box is in BLACK, while you have it as white which seems to fade out.  Is it possible to have an option for the text in Black?
  • @DavidB I'm trying to be consistent between my extensions and Google so as to avoid user confusion and the look I am replicating is that of Google Calendar for Android/mobile devices as seen here: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5RD4Q3cRkDmJh4Njln_5PYET9KOv43SGf_tbsyVoyCbtFiIX0hY8uq8Q-31FHeBTwiuO=h900-rw Can you show me a side by side with my popup colors and your actual Google Calendar colors?
  • Here are the two
  • In the Checker - the colours are faded and the white text gets washed out
  • @DavidB Ok I will work on adding a skin perhaps for those who prefer black text, here's more info on them https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
    you can actually right now create a custom skin and force the text to black if you have some basic css knowledge.
  • That would be great - can you let me know when it is available? Many thanks 
  • I found a bug in Agenda view. No multi-day events are displayed! Only shorter events (one day or less) are visible. In different views, everything works.

    I tried to reset settings and also restart the extension - without any change. I use the extension on Chrome and Firefox, on different OS (Win7, Win10, Linux).

  • @PavolGajdos I just tested it and they do appear after a slight delay. Have you been able to replicate the issue on both Chrome and Firefox?

  • Yes, I have this issue on both Chrome and Firefox and on all used OS.

    And also, if I create a new multi-day event directly in the extension, no event is shown but it's saved in G Calendar.

  • @PavolGajdos Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    Can you send me a screenshot if the issue persists

  • Here are screenshots with the agenda and with month view:

  • ok excellent, this helped me reproduce the issue, it seems the Agenda works if you've initially set the view to Agenda, but it fails to load the multi day events if you switch from let's say Month view to Agenda. This bug will be fixed in the next version: 29.3.1

    Note I just pushed out another version so it'll come after that.

  • Good news v29.3.2 is out with a fix for this, you can force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

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