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Copy/Paste No Longer Works

I used this as a way to quickly send product screenshots but recently it just pastes a white/blank image in its place. I've noticed that after right clicking the image and choosing Copy, it starts drawing an arrow over the image. I don't think it used to do that.


  • Try re-installing the extension.

    Then can you walk me through the exact process, ie. Grab a selected area > Click Done button > Right click and Copy.

    ...or do you do draw things before?

    also where are you trying to paste this screenshot afterwards?
  • Hi Jason, reinstalling the extension was the first thing I did. The exact process is as follows:

    Grab a selected area > Right click > copy

    After your example, I'm realizing that if I were to click Done before right clicking, it works. I'm happy to do that now, but I'm not sure that it used to work that way?
  • if you go into the extension options and change the image format to png or jpg can you tell me if "problematic scenario" happens in both cases?
  • It happens for both png and jpg. Just to provide more background, I'm on a Mac, running Chrome. I'm trying to paste it into a Gmail compose window, but I also confirmed it won't paste into a photoshop document.
  • ok thanks I just confirmed also the issue is only Mac and the solution is as you noted to click the Done button, i'll look into a workaround for this issue.
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