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Donated by features aren't unlocked

Hey Jason - I enjoying using this extension and donated money months ago.  However, it still does not appear the features are unlocked (they are still grayed out).  Any suggestions?  


  • Thanks Jason, I did try that previous and just gave it another shot a few moments ago.  However, the features still show grayed. 
  • After you click the already contributed link does it give you a thank you screen?
    Can you send me a screenshot of the grayed out features?
  • Yes, I did receive the thank you screen.    Here it is:
  • Can you try re-installing the extension and then doing the already donated link again, note you must go inside the extensions options page and then click the top left Contribute page link and from there click the "Already contributed" link at the right.
  • That worked, thanks Jason!
  • Hey Jason - I noticed today the features that were available are now grayed out again.  Any ideas?
  • It seems you must be periodically or manually deleting your cookies or data in your browser or via other extensions somehow, is this possible? Refer to the instructions just above that worked for you in the past.
  • Yes, I have to to just keep following those steps every week or so when I go to use it.  If I sent you another donation but sent it from the same email address as I use for Chrome, would it prevent me from having to run through this step?
  • @Dan321 No, the problem seems to be related to you manually deleting the data which remembers your donation.
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