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Bug: newest mail being shown twice in the popup

When I took my PC back out of hibernation, Checker Plus showed the (about half a dozen) mails that came in in the popup. The newest mail was shown twice though, in the first and second line (as if there were two mails). I wasn't fast enough to make a screenshot (and it's no big deal) but thought you'd want to know.


  • Can you replicate this scenario everytime? Are you using conversation view?
  • > Can you replicate this scenario everytime?

    I can't now and I didn't see it happen before. (But I don't *always* pay close attention to it).

    > Are you using conversation view?

    I'm using that "interactive" thingy. (If that's what you were asking for.)

  • To clarify this is the Gmail conversation view I meant https://support.google.com/mail/answer/5900
  • Ah! :-) Yes, I'm using that.
  • Just FYI: It happened again. There was just one new mail, and it was shown as if it were two mails.

    I wasn't fast enough to make a screenshot.
  • Have you changed any settings concerning the notifications?
    Also which detection method are you using? auto-detect or manual add?
  • Nope, no settings changed.

  • Getting the same issue here. 
  • @IzzyHoover(jiang) How long have you been having this issue?
    Are you using conversation mode in Gmail and in the extension options? more info: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Conversation_View_issue
  • Hi Jason - I've had it since I've updated to the latest version of gmail checker. I had conversation mode on, but I've never changed that before. Strangely enough, my work PC doesnt seem to have the issue anymore, when I get home Ill check if it's gone.
  • To clarify: for me, this bug happens a) only rarely and b) only in the *small* (notification) popup, never in the window IzzyHoover(jiang) posted a screenshot of.
  • Again, after taking my PC back out of hibernation, Checker Plus showed a mail more than once... this time FOUR times! o.O

  • great screenshot, thanks for the popup vs notification difference, this helps me with the investigation, my assumptions is this hibernation is creating issues with Chrome's notification or storage "sometimes" given it's rarity, but i'll look into creating an extra logic to not show duplicate emails at any time in the notification, if I detour this possible Chrome issue.
  • Sounds good :)
  • How do I fix this error?
    Each time you delete a mail!
  • @АлександрКоханчук Your problem has nothing to do with what I posted. Please don't hijack this thread, start a *new discussion* at https://jasonsavard.com/forum/
  • @IzzyHoover(jiang) and Clemens
    I have pushed a possible fix in v19.2.11, you'll have to re-install to force it, let me know if the issue reoccurs with that version (I realize it may take a couple of days)
  • Ok, I forced the update, will let you know.

    PS: "Save options" failed (although I got a "Done", and yes, I was logged in with Chrome), which I only found out after "Load options" (after the update to .11) gave me "error loading options: Could not find any synced data!", so ALL my customized options are gone... :-( :-( :-( 
  • Now something *really* weird happened: in the bottom corner you can see 3 new mails being reported, but only mail #1 is new - mails #2 + #3 are from yesterday!

    PS: Gonna add the "save option" bug into the tracker, would be great to have that fixed.

  • What should have happened instead? Did you get only 2 new emails? because I see from your popup email timestamps that you have at least 3 unread emails at 3 hour intervals.
    Are you using auto-detect or manual? how many accounts? and which label are you monitoring?
  • > What should have happened instead?

    At the bottom, Checker Plus should only have reported the latest ("open YT") mail. I had received and archived several mails earlier, the ones that you can see at the top are the ones not archived/deleted yet. The big bug is that Checker Plus showed mails (#2 + #3) at the bottom that it had already shown me the day before. There are about 30 unread mails in the Inbox from yesterday that are *newer* than those "#2 + #3" mails.

    Since "save option" failed I'm using the standard options for now.
  • Ok excelelnt info, this old email issue has been haunting me and trying desperately to figure it out, can you send me the result of this https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/feed/atom
  • Sending by mail now
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