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Undo option time


Would it be possible to have the drop down notification window
stay open after the last email is dealt with, ie, if I delete it the 'undo' option
is only available for a couple of seconds then the window closes by itself, you have to be fast to select it and 'undo'..



  • I'll listen for more feedback, but note the Undo was recently introduced meaning most people were just used to the popup closing immediately after dealing with the last email, which I sort of liked myself. Then after some user requests I introduced the undo but head to also introduce a 2sec delay before closing the window.
  • Ok, I dont use it much, it appears and is gone so fast that its a job to use it anyway, some times I am giving it a bit of thought that's all and don't make a habit of deleting emails that fast..

    If an undo option is there it seems it ought to at least be available a little longer, as it exits and also closes the entire window...


  • edited May 2020

    I agree about the undo option being not up for long enough. In the beginning, I didn't understand why the option was there. But now more and more, I wish it was up even for a second longer. Like the above person, I start to second guess myself about hitting the undo, and just as I reach the decision to hit undo, its gone. Is it possible to extend the time its up by 1 or 2 seconds. That is all the extra time I need to be able to decide and click on it. Or at least give us the option to adjust the time it is up for.

  • @DavidGleibes Ok thanks I've queue it for my next round of updates.

  • @DavidGleibes Good news i've extended the undo time in the latest version

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