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Is it possible to make notifications stay?

First let me say that I'm a fan of what you have built here it has proven extremely useful and clean.  Like everyone I have things I wish I could tweak a bit more but I think you deserve giant kudos.

I do have one thing I hope you can help with.  I need to make certain that notifications aren't being missed by subscribers to folder changes.  Right now the short lived rich notification is resulting in updates being missed by collaborators on data manipulation. 

I reviewed the notification wiki you have and it references that "text" notifications will last until acknowledged but that rich notifications will time out based on chrome limitations.  Is there a way that I to switch to a notification method that would require acknowledgment?  

Previously we used a google site with a file cabinet page and email notifications; however, our file sizes now exceed the 30mb limitations of an attachment.  I think your extension combined with an upload script will provide for the perfect solution if I can just make sure that everyone is actually seeing when the updates occur.  

Thanks again for the awesome work you're doing!


  • So very recently chrome v50 is allowing rich notifications to stay until acted upon (should i enable that - haven't yet) but I'd like to understand if you realize that when you miss a notification it will appear as a counter next to the button and you can always refer back to your previous notifications via the popup window as indicated below.

  • For our needs I think that the option to enable stay until acknowledge would be perfect.  I'm familiar with the counter and make use of it currently; however, that isn't enough to grab everyone's attention.  

    Incredible response time to my question by the way.
  • Good news, v7.1.11 is rolling out with the rich notification option of "never" hide.
  • Thank you so much for your incredible response time.
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