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Recent Tabs Extension

edited February 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
Under certain tabs in Chrome Recent Tabs extension causes browser to freeze. It is apparent in Chrome task manager that when browser freezes, cpu utilization for recent tabs extension jumps to 10-15% even though it is not being used. Restarting browser, reloading extension remedies the issue temporarily but the issues comes back.


  • Thanks for the tip, I will monitor the reviews and issues in the days to come, but as of yet there's been no mention of this from anyone else including myself. From my Chrome and extension experience, usually a corrupted profile or a reinstall of Chrome usually solves the issue.

    If you can provide a road map for me to possibly reproduce the situation then let me know.
  • I have experienced this issue on 3 different computers. This issue becomes apparent when typing an email win browser client i.e. gmail, yahoo etc. As I type browser freezes.
  • Are you synching extensions across these 3 different computers? In other words are you signing into your Chrome?
    What are your other extensions?
  • Yes, I am synching extensions by signing into chrome. Attached is a screen shot of other extensions.image
  • edited February 2014
    Thanks for the screenshot, why does it just say "reload" beside my extension but all the others have the Enable or Disable checkbox?
  • Because I have just killed it via chrome task manager.
  • Can you try this http://jasonsavard.com/faq/Corrupt_browser_profile
    and then only install the recent tabs under the new test users and let me know how that goes (without synching your chrome)
    i'm off to bed now, so i'll see your response in the morning, good luck.
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