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Feature idea

Great WORK !!!
It will be great if I could make google doc private template (doc\sheet) and then with a click to create a new file. ( As far as I know there is no private temple available via google right now...)


  • I'm not sure I understand what a "private" template is?
    can you send some docs or screenshots of this in the google drive webpage
  • I am using English display for all my Google products but my localization is Israel. So every time I create new Doc I have to go to setting and then change the Local to ISRAEL (both Docs and Sheets for right to left support + currencies etc)
    I want to be able to create new doc from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/
    and choose from my created template files (currently not possible)

    the only way I know to do this is via 
    this is PUBLIC templates...
  • I think this issue needs to be fixed on Google's end to save such settings as the default for all new docs/sheets.

    But i'll keep this thread open and see if others comment or maybe you should open a ticket with the google drive team.
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