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Suggestion: new-mail-since-last-extension-interaction counter


how about a different counter: only show the number of new mails since you last interacted with the extension (and don't show a number if there are no new mails).


  • My assumption is you don't mark your emails as read or done?
    How do you use your Gmail or Inbox by Gmail?
  • Yes, you assume correctly. :-) I gave up on the "inbox zero" concept. I act on what's vital and delete or archive* those mails where no further input or action is required. I leave other mails to take care of later (or never) in Gmail's inbox, unread - I star some of them or add labels.

    * A "mark as read and archive" button (for previewing mails) would be helpful here as you can do only one of those now when you prefer not to use the "mark as read when previewing a mail" option, but possibly I'm the only one using it in this way. ;-)
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