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Suggestion: Read email limit


I have been using your plugins (Gmail / Calendar / Drive) for a week or so now and have found them a pleasure to use on both Mac and Windows. I have enabled the BETA display feature to "Remember read emails" (which has worked well so far) but I find that after a while I end up with too many read emails... my suggestion is to add a limit parameter on the settings page i.e. "Show me the last X read emails" when this feature is enabled. This is of course just a suggestion but would be very nice to have (and definitely worth donating for!).



  • Hmm I can't remember if i actually did put limits already.

    Would you say there is no limit currently?
    Up to how many have you seen there?

    I know there is definitely a max 20 unread email limit per label.
  • I'm not sure if I've had that many emails yet before restarting so will keep watch and let you know if/when I hit a limit.

    It would be nice to have this as a configurable property (unless I've missed this somewhere) so I could set the amount of read emails I want to see i.e. 5

  • oh true, i forgot that they get cleared upon a restart, i guess that's a quick solution :)
    if this thread gets a some attention i'll look into adding new option/suggestion
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