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possible bug?

The red line that appears at least in the day and week views is +1 hour accorging to the possition it should have at least in my GMT+1 summer time zone (Mdrid, Spain).
Best Jason.


  • hmm the red line should only be synced to your system clock (regardless of the timezone)
    can you send me a screenshot of your popup and system clock.
  • Sorry, I forgot to do it Jason.
    Here are the captures:


  • edited May 2016
    I'm having trouble replicating this issue, I think it might be related to one of your events that is maybe distorting the slots and creating this misalignment, can you try hiding calendars or going to other months or is there any zoom setting or high def screen you are using?
  • Hi again,
    I tested hiding all events and no solved. By the way, chrome shows "hamburger" icon as updated, but this site always shows "You are using an old Chrome version. UPDATE CHROME" including a link to  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95414

    As I said, I am currently on GMT+1 (Madrid) but currently (in summer time) it's GMT+2. Is it possible being a time conversion problem?
    I tested JS d = new Date(); and d.getTime(); with spected results. 

    This is the screenshot with all the calendars hidden.


  • which Chrome version are you using?
  • Stable, 50.0.2661.94 m (64-bit)
  • So I noticed you wrote some javascript code, maybe you can help find the issue ;)

    This is the code in the popup.js that sets the timeline...

    function setTimeline(view) {
     var parentDiv = $('.fc-slats:visible').parent();
     var timeline = parentDiv.children(".timeline");
     if (timeline.length == 0) { //if timeline isn't there, add it
       timeline = $("<hr>").addClass("timeline");

     var curTime = new Date();

     var curCalView = $("#betaCalendar").fullCalendar('getView');
     console.log(curCalView, curTime);
     if (fcMomentDateToLocalDate(curCalView.intervalStart) < curTime && fcMomentDateToLocalDate(curCalView.intervalEnd) > curTime) {
     } else {
     var calMinTimeInMinutes = strTimeToMinutes(curCalView.opt("minTime"));
     var calMaxTimeInMinutes = strTimeToMinutes(curCalView.opt("maxTime"));
     var curSeconds = (( ((curTime.getHours() * 60) + curTime.getMinutes()) - calMinTimeInMinutes) * 60) + curTime.getSeconds();
     var percentOfDay = curSeconds / ((calMaxTimeInMinutes - calMinTimeInMinutes) * 60);

     var topLoc = Math.floor(parentDiv.height() * percentOfDay);
     var timeCol = $('.fc-time:visible');
     timeline.css({top: topLoc + "px", left: (timeCol.outerWidth(true))+"px"});

     if (curCalView.name == CalendarView.WEEK) { //week view, don't want the timeline to go the whole way across
       var dayCol = $(".fc-today:visible");
       var left = dayCol.position().left + 1;
       var width = dayCol.width() + 1;
       timeline.css({left: left + "px", width: width + "px"});
  • What do you want me exactly to check Jason?
    I have never developed an extension (yet :-) ) but I am able to inspect with chrome (I have developed webapps before).

  • you can right click the popup to inspect it and then execute your experiemental code to fix the timeline function and see if it works.

    note: my assumptions are that the dimensions of your popup might be distorted by a zoom or something or maybe the start and end times settings, but you can discover that now :)
  • I also changed start and end times twice. No zoom currently. When I have some free time to test, I will try it.
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