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Suggestion: show mails "in inbox (read+unread)" by default (not just "in inbox and unread")

Reason why: sometimes Checker Plus closes itself while I don't want it to close (i.e., me opening a link in a new tab), and because it only shows "in inbox and unread" mails I then have to open Gmail itself to be able to get back to that mail.

As a workaround I disabled the "mark previewed mails as read" option, but then I always have to manually mark them as read, which isn't perfect either.


  • Refer to the Gmail for mobile view http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window
  • Thanks for the pointer. Hmmm... That was weird. The first x times I tried "Switch to Inbox" (or tried to set that up in the options) I only got a sad-looking cloud icon saying "no new messages". That's the only thing I got there before, too.

    But then, just now, Google made me log in to Gmail anew and now it works!

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