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Notifications will not show up at all

Despite many attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling, no notifications show up at all.  This is my set-up below.  At one point in time it did work and now it does not, I love the app, please help.  I have also updated chrome to the latest version and still nothing.


  • ok good, can you send me a screenshot of the popup window showing the folder you have enabled to be monitored.
  • ok good
    so I see you selected only the "Test" folder to be monitored.
    can you send me a screenshot of the contents of the "Test" folder?
    ... I presume we should see a file in there that has been modified by someone else than you.
  • Yes, I have another google account that I shared the file with.  Even thought it says my name it is another gmail account that I have and not the one I have linked to this extension.image
  • I'm doing this as a way to test the folder, because it is not working right.
  • edited April 2016
    ahh I think we found a minor bug, I might be matching the names, so you would need someone with a different name to modify that file.
  • I switch the file to someone with a different name and it still does not provide a notification...  What am I doing wrong?
  • edited April 2016
    I found the issue!

    Indeed it was related only to option #2 and the bug was introduced in my last update a few weeks ago.
    I am immediately pushing a fix in v7.1.3 you can update the extension or just re-install it to force it.

    Thank you for all your help and patience it has led me to the exact cause of the issue.
  • Thanks for doing this!  Love the App!  It is a must have for a teacher.
  • To get the latest update do I have to remove from chrome and reinstall?

  • Thanks for using the forum ;) refer to this http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates
  • Love the Check all button!
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