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i contributed, sent email with the receipt twice

and still get this irritating header and footer.
how many times does one need to submit the darn email in order to make it GO AWAY?


  • Only once! My guess is your either clearing your data via Chrome or extensions (unintentionally) and thus resetting the contributed state. I presume you are using the already donated link at the top right of the contribute page inside the extension.
  • I have the same (or a similar) issue. What exact type of storage is it in Chrome that should not be cleared in order to retain the contributed state? I'm more used to Firefox and Chrome has a perverse number of storage types that I just don't understand, but don't want to keep around if I don't have to (e.g. app cache/file systems/indexed DB/local storage/etc/etc/etc).
  • @tetchy

    my extension use several storage types, but generally the localstorage and indexed db are the most common
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