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Suggestion: allow the "what happens after your archive a mail" experience to be like in Gmail

When I read a mail in the popup, the extension opens the next email. Instead, I'd love it to behave like my Gmail, just going back to the list of mails. Could there be an option for that please? :-)


  • Oh, thank you! I missed that because in the German localization there is no "Auto-advance options" header, the options (Newer/ Older/ Conversation list) just 'hang' in empty space... let me add a screenshot for you:

  • oh thank you for the bug, can you translate it to me now in german so i can fix that?
  • I'll have to think about how to say that best... It should say something like "After reading or archiving a mail", right?
  • edited April 2016
    essentially yes, but keep in mind in english it's
    "Auto-advance to"
  • Ok, then I suggest to use "Automatisch weiter zur", and (in the pop-up menu) to replace
    "Neuere" with "Neueren E-Mail" and
    "Ältere" with "Älteren E-Mail" and
    "Konversationsliste" with "E-Mail-Übersicht"

    And I suggest you add one of those grey questionmark bubbles next to that option, linking to http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-advance_options - and adding a line somewhere explaining where exactly in the extension auto-advance is being used. It isn't really self-explanatory now and probably confusing to quite a few new users.
  • Excellent advice and thanks for the translations they will go into the next update. I removed the words E-Mail but adding the link which is a bit more descriptive now.
  • Perfect! :-)
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