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Suggestion: more choices for the interactive thingy (Why only 7 or 25 seconds?)

I like the extension and its options, but why limit it to only 7 and 25 seconds for that interactive thingy? Please add (way) more options there. :-)


  • edited April 2016
    The simple answer is because my extensions live inside the world and rules of Google Chrome :)
    That's why I created both text and rich notifications options with all possible sub options.
  • Sorry, I don't understand... Chrome has a rule that notifications can only be shown for 7 or 25 seconds?
  • Here are the specs https://developer.chrome.com/apps/notifications
    "priority" the only value I can assign which changes the length of time notifications are visible and that is even dependent on your OS and Chrome.
  • Oh, ok! Chrome will always puzzle me... (like why it's using 2 GB of HD space even after clearing the cache and other browser data).
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