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How to get the file URL with just one press

I have moved everything to google cloud, in working environment, 
there is a lot of sharing file without actual download
and to send other people and colleague while our file still store at it's place

I wonder is it possible by right click on the file to immediate copy the sharing URL?
in normal google drive, it can do but still need a lot of click in order to get that URL
and have to ctrl + c again.

please advise.


  • It's a good suggestion, I will take note of it.
  • Or perhaps drag and drop, this is perhaps more difficult.

    A link is perhaps beter as the file will stay in drive and not downloaded
  • @rombout.versluijs
    and twitty2012

    So I realized there are 2 distinct actions concerning a file URL
    1) Would be the "Get shareable link" which makes the file shareaable and then by default allows the file to be accessed by anyone with that link
    2) The option I believe you want is just "Get link" ie. when you open the file and copy the url in the browser - but which can only be seen by users who have access to that file.

  • Yes, that's the option, now there is only 2 options, star & delete. I think this will give just that little bit extra.

    Drag and drop isn't really necessary after all, forgot about the function of adding files through Gmail itself is already possible
  • @rombout.versluijs
    and twitty

    Good news, "Get link" in file menu has been added to v7.1.6
  • Thats the fastest custom request I've scene. Great job Jason!

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