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Notifications not working since update

Hi.  Love this extension, but a few days ago (I presume when it got updated) it suddenly stopped working.  No more notifications.

I saw the options screen, and enabled "Show notifications for files inside folders I choose" and even chose a little space-age chirrup to give me an audio clue that a shared doc had been updated.  But no joy. :(

When i look at the monitored folder in the extension it is not showing the latest changes.  And when I hit the "reload" button (next to options) in the extension I get the message "error 400 - Invalid Value"

If it's relevant, the folder I am trying to monitor is "Starred".  I have tried uninstalling the extension and reloading it, but that didn't help.

Any ideas?  Thanks for any help you can offer.


  • lets try to simply the issue..
    a  re-install
    are all your files listed?
    when you click on all the left nav categories, starred, my drive etc?
    then you say you hit the refresh and that doesnt' work?
  • Thanks for getting back to me.  I did a reinstall. As far as I can tell all files are correctly listed.  However, if the file I am monitoring is updated by someone else, i don't get any notification.

    Furthermore, when I hit refresh on either the 'recent' or 'starred' options I get the "Error 400 - invalid value" error message.

  • ah great info, ok the "invalid value" error will be fixed in the next version, but it's not relevant to your notification issue.

    But you said you are monitoring the "Starred" folder, that's not possible, only you can star or unstar files so it's not really a "folder"
    if you want to monitor a file or folder locate it in your My Drive and click the Bell notification icon beside it within my extension.
  • Ah, ok.  I guess I just use "starred" as an easy quick view via your extension as to which files I'm monitoring for changes.

    The parent folder didn't have the bell icon clicked (although it was notifying properly in earlier versions of the extension).  I've clicked it now, and let's see if that works.

    Thanks for your help, and for fixing that "invalid error" message in the next version.

  • I'm afraid it's still not working for me. :(

    I've reinstalled the extension, checked that the folder is being monitored, but no notifications ever appear. :(

    I've even tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling Google Drive. No joy.

    I can replicate this behaviour logging into a different Google account and changing the Gdoc... the changes come through without problem but no notifications appear.

    If i click on "notifications" in the sidebar it says "no files found".  

    This was working properly until the March update.
  • Can you define what you you mean by "the changes come through without problem" ?
  • Sorry for the lack of clarity.  I mean that the documents themselves are updated correctly, and the changes can be seen by the various users who are sharing the document.

    So Google Docs is working correctly, files are getting updated, and even the activity log is showing that the files have been updated... it's just that no notifications appear.

    I'm thinking of switching to Google Sheets as that has email notifications built in.
  • I'm not getting any other reports about missing notifications and I am receiving them still myself. Here are my options, are yours the same?
    Note: That there is a 5 minute polling interval between notifications.
    The next step I'll perform with you after this is looking for error in your logs.


  • Here are my equivalent screenshots.


  • ok let's look for any errors...

    1. Click the Chrome menu image > Tools > Extensions
    2. Select Developer mode at the top right
    3. Find the extension and click the background link
    4. Select the Console tab and copy all the messages and show me them.
  • here's an error message:

    background.js:402 Cannot create item with duplicate id browserActionOpenDrive(anonymous function) @ background.js:402
  • oh my goodness.. it just gave me a notification!  first time in weeks... fingers crossed. :)
  • I have just installed the extension, and seem to be having exactly the same problem. I followed your suggestion @jason.savard to look in the Console tab and can see the same error as @graham.cluley

    Any suggestions for how I might get the extension to work?
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