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Add Mark as Read Undo or Delay?

I tend to keep emails unread when I need to address them at a later date. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes a problem as I'm smashing the "mark as read" button in Checker Plus and I mark an email I wanted to read later as read.

A few possible solutions:
- An option to "undo" the mark as read (this might mean a 2-3 second delay after hitting the mark as read button?)
- Don't hide the email after hitting the "Mark as Read" button and instead grey it out and replace the "mark as read" button with a "Mark as Unread" button

Thanks for reading this and please let me know if there is another workaround that exists that I may not be considering.


  • Try out this option at the bottom of the "Display" tab in the options

  • Thanks Jason. 

    I have "I usually leave emails as read" checked and "Continue showing emails that you mark as read" checked and now when I click "Mark as Read" the email stays in place and is replaced with a "Mark as Unread" button. But if I click out of the extension and go right back in, that same email is showing as unread again. Is this the expected behavior?
  • Hmm if it's read it should be not be unread :), seems that would be an error. Can you validate it in your inbox what the state of that email is?
    Please note it is an experimental feature.
  • Jason, it wasn't showing up as read in Gmail either. 
    However, I played with it a bit more - and it looks like it was just one email that was giving me trouble. I tried marking a few others as read and they all appeared as read when I checked gmail (except that one initial trouble email). Come to think of it, I've had trouble marking emails as read from this sender in the past, even before using the experimental feature. I've always just ignored the problem and went into gmail to mark it as read but if you'd like to try to figure out what's happening I'd be happy to offer any details. Thanks - I hope this experimental feature sticks around!
  • it's been around for at least a year so you should be safe :)

    can you try marking that trouble email as unread with your gmail and reproducing the bug with my extension by trying to mark it as read and then do this ...

    1. Click the Chrome menu image > Tools > Extensions
    2. Select Developer mode at the top right
    3. Find the extension and click the background link
    4. Select the Console tab and copy all the messages and add them to your issue description
  • I tried a few times to mark as read from the extension and verify that it wasn't marking as read in Gmail, and it isn't. The console kept coming up blank too. I was about to send a screenshot but something did finally show up, though it's probably unrelated. Let me know if there's anything else I can try.

  • Anything peculiar about this email, origin, language, content etc. weird characters, date?
    Can you forward it to me via jasonsavard.com/contact
  • It's a marketing email from a major retailer. Nothing special that I can see. I made a video for you to see the problem as well. I'll forward the email and the video to your contact email. Thanks Jason. 
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