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How to be sure to send .JPGs and NOT .PNGs when copying and pasting?

I find your extension very useful,

BUT I came to it looking for the quick way (without having to SAVE the screenshot captured) just copying from the clipboard and pasting it to GMAIL's message body.

This was something that I did with MS-Outlook for decades, and MS-Outlook reduced the size of the SCREENSHOTS before sending.
Otherwise, when you share 6 to 10 screenshots. you end up sending a 30MB size email that can't be sent in any way.

for a while I felt that your extension could cope with this, when in options you ask for PNG or JPG. But I saw it keeps sending huge PNGs. Is there any way to do this whith your extension ?



I'd like to recommend your extension in one of the books I'm writting right now, but I can't as I'm not sure it can perform what I'm asking,

thanks so much in advance, for your response,

Digital Champion for Spain
European Commission


  • I did some tests and seems that anything I copy paste into Gmail becomes a png. This might be Gmail issue, would you mind googling around for me to confirm this.
  • I haven't been able to find the adequate way to embed screenshots (in JPG) in gmail messages.


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