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Problems Only some do this when I try to preview them


  • Try re-installing the extension and let me know if you can determine "which" kind of emails do this? those with html and images etc maybe?
  • I did I'm also getting this when i'm on your forum chat image
  • ah that's a better hint ;) Try following that.
  • Yeah Can't do it for some stupid reason keep getting errors prob admin issues here at work

  • edited March 2016
    Can you find a particular pattern in which emails are causing this issue?
    Are they html or image/promo emails?
    Can you forward me one that is causing the issue?
    If the issue happens again can you right click anywhere in the popup and click Inspect > Console tab and send me the errors in the log
  • Sent you a couple emails with logs
  • ok i pushed a fix, can you re-install to v19.1.4 and let me know
  • I think you nailed it but I'm trying to find emails I had problem with to confirm.
  • I have the same problem. It seems to be when you are on your last email from an account.  The last email preview does it. 
  • @keith.bell

    Did you re-install the extension to v19.1.4
  • No, I have not yet. Will I lose all of my email accounts in doing so? If so, I was just gonna wait until you pushed it. If not, I'll do it immediately. Thanks. 
  • edited March 2016

    Since this issue is a high priority I will be pushing it live to everyone within a few days, so yup best to wait it out.

    ps. Thank you Travis for helping me with this one.
  • Thanks, I have been trying to duplicate it but it happens at random times and not just the last email as I previously mentioned.image
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