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Horizontal Scroll Bar appears only at the end of the message

So my email preview doesn't always fit horizontally, but when I look for the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the preview window, there is none. But when I scroll down through the email to the end of the message, the horizontal scroll bar is there. Scrolling back up, it falls away just like the lower text of the message.

I'm using Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m om Win 8.1-64


  • For the most part I try to resize the emails to properly fit within the popup window - but some badly designed emails with html tables and images are impossible - my assumption is only certain senders are giving these issues and my 2nd assumptions is they are promo emails.
  • I'm OK with that, but no horizontal scroll bar until I reach the bottom of the message is a problem. The scroll bar should be attached to the window, not the message. Right?
  • Here's the issue, I can't even find an email in my inbox that causes the issue, hence I assume the issue is not that common and the fix itself is not straightforward as I would have to hack around the current Polymer framework that I'm using. Let me know the percentage of your emails that cause this issue.
  • Sorry to resurrect an old issue, but I've noticed this behavior also, albeit rarely. I know it's the sender's fault ultimately, but thought I'd just add my two cents. In my case, I've only noticed the email content not adapting to your extension's frame size for Apple purchase receipts (no_reply@email.apple.com). Not a huge deal, and I doubt almighty Apple will bother changing it on their end. The Gmail app on iOS does resize the tables on these Apple receipt emails, but it looks pretty gnarly. :)

    Thanks for the great extension(s)!
  • @ChrisWhitaker Can you forward me one of those emails and I can take a look at it, no promises though. Use my contact page.
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